She died, rose from the dead, saw God, Says Jesus Gave Him a Message for the World

In a story that has captivated both believers and skeptics alike, a woman claims to have experienced death, resurrection, and a divine encounter. According to her, this extraordinary journey brought her face-to-face with God and Jesus Christ, who entrusted her with a message for the world.

The Journey to the Afterlife

It all began when Sarah Johnson, a 42-year-old mother of two from Springfield, Illinois, was pronounced dead following complications from a severe heart attack. Medically deceased for several minutes, her experience during this time defies scientific explanation.

Sarah recalls feeling an overwhelming sense of peace as she left her physical body. «I was surrounded by a radiant light and felt an immense sense of love and tranquility,» she recounts. «It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.»

Encounter with the Divine

In what she describes as a surreal and awe-inspiring moment, Sarah claims she found herself in the presence of God. «I saw a figure bathed in pure, golden light. I knew it was God. There was an unspoken understanding, a connection beyond words.»

During this encounter, she was also approached by a being she identifies as Jesus Christ. «Jesus came to me, and his presence was warm and reassuring. He had a message for me, one that I was meant to share with the world.»

The Message for Humanity

According to Sarah, Jesus imparted a message emphasizing love, compassion, and unity. «He told me that humanity is at a crossroads and that we need to choose love over fear. We must come together, help each other, and spread kindness. The world is facing many challenges, but through faith and collective goodwill, we can overcome them.»

She believes that her experience is a call to action for people of all faiths and backgrounds. «It’s not about one religion or belief system. It’s about the universal values of love and compassion that bind us all.»

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