Dennis Quaid explains his Faith: ‘This is why I Have a Personal Relationship with Jesus’

Dennis Quaid recently opened up about his new gospel album, “Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners,”

describing it as an autobiographical journey that reflects his personal relationship with Jesus. The album, which features a mix of hymns and original songs, serves as a musical testament to Quaid’s faith-filled transformation.

In an interview, Quaid shared how his struggles with addiction in the 1980s led him to explore various world religions before rediscovering Christianity. “I got clean in 1990, and reading the Bible again, especially the words of Jesus, really started what I’ve been looking for all along — a personal relationship with Jesus,” Quaid explained.

Quaid’s faith has deepened over the years, becoming a daily conversation with God that sustains him. “I lean on God. I talk to Him every day about problems and express gratitude for the blessings I have,” he said.

“Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners” aims to connect with listeners beyond the church walls, resonating especially with those seeking redemption. Quaid hopes his music and his story will inspire others to fill their own “God-sized hole” with a spiritual connection rather than worldly temptations.

Through his music, Quaid aims to bridge the gap between spiritual seeking and finding, providing a soundtrack for those on their own journey towards healing and faith.

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