He is the richest person in the world: Elon Musk agrees the West is ‘screwed without Christianity’

Elon Musk has agreed with a rapper and social media influencer who tweeted describing the West as “screwed without Christianity”.

Nzube Olisaebuka Udezue, widely known as Zuby, recently compared the removal of Christianity from western culture to “removing the foundations of a building but pridefully expecting it to remain standing forever… All while enemies both inside and outside are trying to knock the building over.” This statement, shared with his 1 million followers, garnered 28,000 likes.

Elon Musk, the CEO of X, responded to Zuby’s post by tweeting, “You’re probably right.”

In June 2023, Zuby, a Christian, hosted Musk on his podcast, “Real Talk with Zuby Podcast,” which was exclusively available on X. In a 2013 interview with Rainn Wilson on the SoulPancake YouTube channel, Musk briefly discussed his views on religion. When asked if he worships anything, Musk said, “I don’t really worship anything, but I do devote myself to the advancement of humanity by using technology.”

However, during the historic splashdown of the SpaceX Dragon Capsule in August 2020, which safely brought astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley back to Earth, Musk admitted, “You know, I’m not very religious, but I prayed for this one.”

These interactions highlight Musk’s complex relationship with religion and his commitment to technology and humanity’s progress.

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