Kevin Hart reveals encounter with God after a life-threatening crash. “This is what HE said to me”

US comedian Kevin Hart has spoken out after a car crash left him with serious injuries, sharing how the accident gave him insight into how God wants him to live his life.

The Hollywood actor was a passenger in a vintage muscle car when the driver lost control. The car sped down an embankment and crashed into a tree near Malibu, resulting in Hart suffering major back injuries. Authorities attributed the crash to reckless driving.

Hart, 40, recently returned to social media and posted a video on Instagram documenting his recovery from the September crash. The video shows Hart lying in a hospital bed, receiving assistance from nurses, using a walking frame to stand up, and undergoing physical therapy at home. His three children and his wife, Eniko, also appear in the video.

Basically, you realize you’re not in control,” Hart said. “No matter how much you think you’re in control, you’re not in control. At the end of the day, it can all be over.”

He continued, “When God talks, you’ve got to listen. Life is funny because some of the craziest things that happen to you end up being the thing you needed most. In this case, I honestly feel like God told me to sit down. When you’re moving too fast and you’re doing too much, sometimes you can’t see the things you’re meant to see.”

Hart reflected on his experience, saying, “After my accident, I see things differently. I see life from a whole new perspective.”

Expressing his gratitude, Hart said, “My appreciation for life is through the roof. I’m thankful for my family, my friends. Don’t take today for granted because tomorrow’s not promised. More importantly, I’m thankful for God, I’m thankful for life. I’m thankful for simply still being here.”

Hart will next appear in Jumanji: The Next Level, a film he completed before the crash. The movie is set to be released in December. Hart thanked his fans for their “love and support,” adding a reminder to appreciate each day, as tomorrow is never guaranteed.

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