5-Yr-Old Piano Prodigy Plays For 101-Yr-Old Grandma, But Her Final Request Has Him Fighting Back Tears

Months following his captivating performances on The Ellen Show and at New York’s iconic Carnegie Hall, piano virtuoso Ryan Wang orchestrated an intimate, one-of-a-kind recital for his most senior admirer—an extraordinary woman nearly a century his senior.

At the tender age of 5, Ryan mesmerized 101-year-old Dorothy Landry with his rendition of “Variations on an Inner Mongolian Folk Song” in a private setting meticulously organized by Canadian digital music provider CBC Music. Landry, who first encountered the young maestro when he was merely three years old, had previously attended one of his concerts. However, her impaired hearing prevented her from fully savoring the melodies. CBC Music, sensing the profound connection between Landry and the gifted pianist from Vancouver, British Columbia, orchestrated this exclusive performance.

Upon the completion of his heartfelt performance, Ryan and Landry found themselves seated side by side in a dimly lit room—she in her wheelchair, he perched on a chair, clutching a large teddy bear, his feet barely reaching the ground.

“I find joy in playing for Grandma Dorothy,” Ryan expressed softly. “I believe it brings her happiness.”

“I eagerly anticipate hearing him play again. He’s a truly remarkable young individual,” Landry remarked gratefully, extending her gratitude to Wang and inviting him to visit upon his return from an upcoming journey to China. As the camera refocuses on Ryan, tears glisten in his eyes.

Witness this profoundly moving encounter in the heartfelt video below, and share it to illuminate hearts today.


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